The Problem: Manual Counting Methods

Today, the common methods for manually calculating stand include the "Wheel Method" and the "1/1000th Acre Method". For certain crops such as row vegetables, staff are sent to count all plants down a row, and despite this microscopic effort, the reported numbers are off by an average of 15% when compared to harvest quantities. All these methods unfortunately are lacking because they are not adequately sampling the entire field, often times assuming that there is no variability throughout the field. Above all, the time spent  walking the field and taking counts requires valuable time that can be spent on other activities.

The Value Of Stand Count Maps

Stand counts are one of the most significantly valued data layers in agricultural production. Stand count maps are often used for hybrid evaluation, emergence, replanting decisions, and zone creation for input management and yield potential. 

The Solution: Our Automated Services

We have developed proprietary methods of rapidly converting high resolution aerial imagery from drones and manned aircraft into accurate digital stand count reports and maps. The resulting product is a whole-field digital stand count map that can be utilized for in-season management decisions.